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Tradelab and Canali&C win the Zambon Italia tender for the on and offline communication of the self medication project “Meglio Stare Meglio”, which will involve hundreds of pharmacies throughout Italy.

At the end of a tender involving several agencies, Zambon Italia chose TradeLab and Canali&C as partners for a major project aimed at increasing sell-out in Italian pharmacies.

Zambon Italia is the Italian subsidiary of Zambon Spa, a multinational pharmaceutical company, which operates in the pharmaceutical market in several strategic areas: central nervous system, severe respiratory diseases, coughs and colds, women’s health and pain area.

The company wants to increase the market share of Self Medication products through activities that spread knowledge to the public and increase the consideration of the pharmacist. The project provides for an annual plan of activities, aimed at both end users and pharmacists. In all participating pharmacies will be placed information totems and will be organized meetings open to the public where an expert will provide qualified advice.
The concept that guides the entire operation is “Better to feel better”: people can find the solution to small ailments thanks to the experience of the company and the professionalism of the pharmacist.

The brand of the initiative symbolizes 4 therapeutic areas enclosed in 4 petals of a flower, a symbol of well-being and rebirth.
A specific web activity will convey the related topics and support the activity of pharmacies.
“Better to feel better” is an articulated, cross-channel project that combines on and offline moments to increase the brand awareness of a large company in the Italian pharmaceutical sector.

Creative Director Partner – Paola Gallotti
Strategic Creative Vice Director – Giovanni Rubbiani
Art Director – Stefania Bella
Art Director – Alessandro Leoni
Digital Creative Vice Director – Paola Rosi
Social Media Manager – Natascia Ceriscioli
Key Account Canali&C – Karen Borgonovi
Brand Expert – Carolina Cozzi
Accounting Tradelab – Bianca Tutino
Accounting Tradelab – Alessandra Frontini