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Le storie del Vulcano

For Vulcano Buono we have created an absolutely innovative project. For the first time in history a real movie was born by the contributions of visitors to a shopping center. Through the website visitors have sent us their movies, telling us about a special or funny moment lived in the Gallery.

Vulcano S.p.A.
Collective movie

The project saw the participation of the comedian Mino Abbacuccio and the influencer Mercedesz Henger. The Neapolitan director, Stefano Incerti (also winner of a David di Donatello) edited the video contributions and made an exciting short movie.

The Movie

“Le storie del Vulcano”, the first social shopping movie in history, was previewed on October 10, 2018. Visitors were then able to admire it in the following weeks in the Vulcano Buono Gallery.