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Online/Offline is dead

The smell of salt, the piadina romagnola taste and web trends, what else?! This is the Web Marketing Festival, the most important international event of the world of web marketing, which was held on 22, 23 and 24 June, and we, we could not miss!

One of top themes full of emphasis has been placed is the fact that online and offline, as separate entities, no longer exist!
The creative concept must embrace, at the same time as it is conceived, all the means it needs to express itself in a coordinated and effective way.

We came back home from this trip with a wealth of suggestions and ideas, which we thought to summarize as follows:

You know what?! think about how nice it is to hear the payoff of your company named after the most famous phrases in movies? This is the necessary spirit when we want to realize the “storytelling” of our brand, of that product or of that event.
Thinking of brand storytelling as a movie script is a suggestion provided by Matteo Bortolotti, writer, screenwriter and consultant of the brand. His method is based on the structure used to create a dramatic screenplay. “The syd field paradigm” consists of three acts, each of which is composed of precise steps aimed at creating movement in history. The audience doesn’t want to be bored, they look for emotion and chaos, and this is to be kept in mind in the brand’s story. We have to be like a novel to read in one go (or any other genre you like ;)).

This is what marketers all over the world have said in any way! We like pages full of content, especially if we decide to visit the page of brand X autonomously; but pay attention, to be noticed in the jungle of the web, the primary need to be satisfied is to obtain the budget for advertising campaigns. We are not only talking about precise campaigns with brand awareness or lead generation objectives, but if engagement is what we have to push on to our social channels, then, the budget must be extended to different types of content that pursue this goal.

In addition to the adv budget, let’s talk about content production!
We heard that words “Content is king” ’till the exhausted, but is it really so? Do we really treat our content with this value? Paolo Iabichino, Chief Creative Officer – Ogilvy & Mather, cries out “Let’s stop joking” and ends up talking about storytelling, “man needs stories” and that’s right, the trend we have to follow is: – content, + stories, but consistent stories and that have the goal of creating deep relationships with our followers.

Comparison, discussion, listening to successful and unsuccessful case studies are very important factors in our work and these three days have served precisely for this purpose, not to delve into a particular topic, but to open our hearts and minds.
We can really define the Web Marketing Festival as the agora in which different worlds can meet each others, in which the most varied themes are faced, but whose fil-rouge remains always and however digital innovation. In fact, in addition to the training rooms most relevant to our activity, we greatly appreciated the topics discussed in the plenary room, where we discussed Environmental Sustainability, Fight against the Mafia, Cyberbullying, Accessibility and much more.