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The agency’s collaboration with JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. continues.

After the latest international campaigns carried out last year, Ermanno Canali‘s agency has received a mandate from JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp for the creation of the new ENEOS website, brand and flagship of the largest oil company in Japan.
Marta Signorini, Key Account Canali&C, once again accompanied the client in the search for the right strategy.

“I make no secret that, after the two international campaigns carried out in 2019, receiving the request to create the new ENEOS Europe website filled us with joy and excitement, feelings shared with the whole team. The technical and creative choices were the perfect response to the strategic need to communicate ENEOS as the leader of its reference market. We were immediately committed to identifying specific project keywords that reflected the mood of the brand: speed, avant-garde, technology and essentiality. Every aspect of the new website had to reflect these characteristics and my colleagues were able to capture this need at all levels”.

Getting to the heart of the project, Luca Buscaglia, Head of Development at Canali&C explains: “For the ENEOS brand we conceived and proposed an ambitious project. From the very first discussions with our contacts in the London headquarters, we immediately understood that we had to aim very high. The brand’s long-standing product innovation was to be fully reflected in the new website. A project that combined the customer’s demands with our innovative and graphically impactful proposals, without ever losing sight of the goal: to create a site with a high level User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) on all devices, from mobile to the big screens of the latest desktop computers”.

The new website is the result of a harmonious work between modern web design and the use of the WordPress platform to its full potential.
A perfect synergy between web designers and web developers led to a site with a strong visual impact and a simple and immediate user experience, with a high load speed.
The site takes advantage of all the features of WordPress that have made it the most famous CMS (Content Management System) in the world: it can be updated quickly, provides for adaptation in 6 other languages and implements all the features of SEO on site (meta description, meta tag, image title).

Finally, the site itself is not only the finalization of a project, but a platform on which to build future implementations to expand the possibilities of interaction and functionality of the ENEOS site, following the evolution of the Internet and its future trends.

The strategy followed by the Creative Unit is also important and decisive.

“The site reflects the value of the brand in its shapes, colours and graphic treatment” explains Remo Martingano, Creative Director of Canali&C. “All the elements work in synergy of form and content, enhancing the user experience of the site and highlighting the effectiveness of the product also from a visual point of view.  On the homepage we have created a video to further enhance the brand insight. Starting from last year’s ADV campaign, we told the essence of Eneos through the story of a drop that, in a crescendo of dynamism and colour, transforms mechanical and hydraulic parts into an energetic dance that speaks of efficiency and great performance”.

“The development of the ENEOS site was immediately a “challenging” project in the most positive sense of the term,” concludes Marta Signorini. “The three months of work were characterized by a continuous and profitable comparison between the team and the customer, always available and very fast in feedback. Despite the COVID-19 emergency, we never stopped, also thanks to the technology that allowed us to stay in touch and row together in the same direction. It was a really beautiful experience that we will remember with great pleasure, for the work we did but above all for the team spirit that moved us, shared first of all with the customer”.


Key Account –  Marta Signorini
Digital Director –  Antonella Fidanzio
Head of development –  Luca Buscaglia
Web designer & content –  Meri Dervishi
Creative Director – Remo Martingano
Supervisor – Mattia Soldà
Web Designer –  Grazia D’Augello
Videomaker – Rachele Alaimo