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CEETRUS Italy has defined together with Canali&C, agency and historical partner for communication and marketing of the Global Urban Player, the relaunch project for the reopening of the Shopping Centres owned and managed by CEETRUS in this delicate post-pandemic phase.

“The strategic approach starts from a social consideration” says Ermanno Canali, President of the Agency. “The period we are living in is similar to the Renaissance. After a dark phase come the political, cultural and scientific revolutions, with man perceiving a renewed confidence thanks to the recovery of values such as identity, freedom, sense of community”.

“Trust” is the word that underlies the cross-media communication strategy, studied in agreement and shared with CEETRUS Marketing Management, and divided into 3 phases. The first step is an outstore campaign with digital and social planning, which aims to reassure visitors about the cleanliness of the environments and the new attention that the Centres dedicate to visitors. The protagonist of the campaign is a child who throws himself into the arms of his parent: an invitation to overcome fears and regain trust, also in the Shopping Centre. The tone is clear and emotional, the story is told through a simple and spontaneous gesture that immediately communicates security and trust.

The second step of communication is an instore campaign that welcomes the visitor inside the Centre. The testimonials are the people who work in the structure: clerks, Director and above all the figures who convey peace of mind such as security and cleaning staff. These people welcome visitors back and reassure them about everything that has been done to make the Centre clean, safe and welcoming. As well as appearing in the campaign, the Centre’s workers are also the protagonists of a creative wayfinding: their faces and signatures appear on a series of tools (floor stickers, posters, stickers) that explain to visitors the different security standards adopted. In this way communication takes on a warmer and more human aspect, which goes beyond the purely legal message.

The campaigns have been deployed on all the digital touch points of the Centres, thus involving the site and social networks, with the main formats used on the platforms to ensure maximum visibility for such an important message as trust!

“We decided to tell this restart with a creative path that explores the theme of trust from three different angles” explains Giovanni Rubbiani, Creative Director of Canali&C. “The outstore campaign works on the emotional aspect, with the child throwing himself into his father’s arms. The outstore material tells with precision and authority the concrete reasons why the visitor can enter the Centre with confidence.”

The third step of the project is a contest: a fun way to bring together the community of the Centre and start together the path towards a new normality. “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” is the name of the initiative, which develops on the web and involves 14 Shopping Centres. Visitors must upload on www.ierioggidomani.online the funniest moments of their lockdown and the emotions of the restart using photos, selfie, videos and stories. Up for grabs are Gift Cards and shopping vouchers, to reward customers who, after so many months, finally return to live their Centre.

“We thought of an all-digital contest, to reward users who have spent, with commitment and patience, their lockdown and the consequent return to normality, in the most serene way possible. They have to post on the network their moments of sharing and hilarity” – explains Antonella Fidanzio, Digital Director of the Agency. “We have seen an exponential growth of this type of content on TikTok and we have included it in the game mechanics. In fact, it’s enough to save the video on your phone, with the native function of the most popular social network of the moment, and upload it on the website www.ierioggidomani.online in the “Gallery of good mood”. In this way, every week it will be possible to win shopping vouchers that can be spent at the participating shopping centers.
Of course we have not left behind the communication hubs we have always used to talk to our community, to give everyone, no one excluded, the chance to participate and win.
In the next few months, Tik Tok will be our special supervised, not only for the fruition curve, but especially for the enlargement of the target, variables that make TikTok the potential social network of the future!”


Client Consulting & New Business: Duccio Roggini
Key Account: Simone Caula, Marta Signorini, Karen Borgonovi, Chiara Carpi
Account Executive: Eugenio Corasaniti, Irene Soncini
Junior Account: Alessia Fabbri
Executive Creative Director: Remo Martingano
Creative Director e Copywriter: Giovanni Rubbiani
Creative Vice Director: Mattia Soldà
Art Director: Federica Seghezzi, Francesca Mattioli, Stefania Bella, Stefano Bezzi
Digital Director: Antonella Fidanzio
Head of Social: Francesco Bromo
Head of Developement: Luca Buscaglia
Social Media Manager: Federica Frignoli, Andrea Romano, Helena Longo, Simona Giuffrida
Web Designer: Meri Dervishi
Event Planner:  Carlo Maria Canali
Production Manager: Clara D’Assisi