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Canali&C signs the success of the Vulcano Summer Festival

Three great never ending nights at the Vulcano Buono with concerts and cabaret

Summer has always been a season of festivals, music and fun. Among the unmissable appointments of this 2018 there is certainly the Vulcano Summer Festival: three evenings of music, comedy, art and shopping at the Vulcano Buono in Nola, Naples.

The event’s creator is Canali&C, the marketing and communication agency that, in addition to taking care of creativity, this year also managed the events within Vulcano Buono. Together with the management company Cushman & Wakefield, Canali&C has opted for a paradigm shift: the shopping centre, from a simple shopping centre, also becomes a reference point for events and shows. This is how the palimpsest of the three evenings was born, with free entrance and shops open until midnight to combine shopping and entertainment.

The first appointment was on Saturday, July 14. The shows began at 6 pm with the Compagnia dei Saltimbanchi, followed by Enzo Fischetti’s cabaret, Made in Sud. The highlight, which attracted thousands of spectators in the central square, was the concert by Franco Ricciardi, the Neapolitan singer-songwriter who participated with his pieces in “Song’e Napule” and “Ammore e malavita”. The great success of the audience was repeated also for the second evening, Saturday, July 21.

Five thousand people arrived at the Vulcano Buono to attend the performances of Mino Abbacuccio, from Made in the South, and Tony Tammaro, one of the most famous voices of the Neapolitan scene, able to combine music and irony with an irresistible result. It was a highly spectacular evening that, like the previous one, gave excellent feedback also from the commercial point of view. The last event of the Vulcano Summer Festival will be Wednesday, August 15: the protagonists will be the Compagnia dei Saltimbanchi, Area Medina with the tribute to Pino Daniele and the live performance of Andrea Sannino, beloved singer at the top of the Neapolitan rankings of Spotify.

Canali&C has also given a strong imprinting to the scenography, to transform the central square of Vulcano Buono into a unique and suggestive space. The artist Sebastiano Matarazzo has created installations that interpret subjects of Neapolitan culture in a joyful and modern way. This link with the territory, which is also well present in the programming of events, is certainly one of the factors that have decreed the resounding success of the Vulcano Summer Festival.

Executive Creative Director: Remo Martingano
Event Planner: Carlo Maria Canali
Key Account: Valentina Barbieri
Executive Partner: Big Bang