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Emisfero Shopping Centers, owned by Unicomm and managed by Savills, chose to entrust the marketing and communication agency Canali&C, their historical partner, with the creation and release of the new sites of their Centers.

Up to now, the website was dedicated only to the Emisfero Hypermarket, with a link to a small general section for the Shopping Center.
Canali&C, in agreement with Savills Marketing Management, has created from scratch the websites of each Shopping Center, completely reversing the trend and giving the Emisfero Shopping Centers new independent platforms, with a common format for graphics and design.
The platform that hosts the Emisfero sites has been created with CMS WordPress, the most famous Content Management System in the world. It is based on an intuitive and easy to navigate structure that guarantees a simple and immediate user experience, with a very high loading speed.

All sites are developed in Responsive Design, so they adapt to the size of the devices in which they are displayed, offering an optimal browsing experience on the different devices. The structure, organized in sections, is quick to use and the pages, through internal links and calls to action, allow the user to move easily between the different sections of the site and collect information as accurate and complete as possible.

The site takes advantage of all the WordPress features, in particular the updating speed and the possibility of future upgrades, to expand the possible interactions and the functionality of Emisfero sites, following the evolution of the Internet and its future trends.

As for the design, we opted for a modern and minimalist layout, without redundant or superfluous elements. The focus in on content, services and events that populate the pages. The same care has been given to the quality and construction of the animations that enrich the user experience without distracting.
Great attention has been paid to the use of color: starting from the Emisfero brand guide, the Agency has worked to increase awareness and recognition of the brand itself through the exclusive use of color palettes derived from the brand.

The launch of the new websites has been staggered. The first to be released was Emisfero Bassano, in the first days of September, followed by all the others in the same month.

Digital Director: Antonella Fidanzio
Head of Development: Luca Buscaglia
Web Designer: Meri Dervishi
Creative Director: Remo Martingano, Giovanni Rubbiani
Digital Art: Grazia D’Augello
Key Account: Chiara Carpi
Executive Account: Irene Soncini
Cliente: Savills per Unicomm